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Hotels - Whole day sessions for hotels, including food, rooms, exterior and staff. £350-£580. Hourly prices also available.

Interiors - Please contact me for a quote. Stating the size and number of rooms to be photographed.

Properties - House sales and marketing for rental-between £120 and £300 depending on the size and location of your property.


Wedding photography - Hourly rates available, as well as half day and full day. Please drop me a line for a quote with a few details of your wedding day plans!

One Hour, only for local weddings to Bath. One hour only at £150.

Standard rates based on £125 / hour for first 5 hours. £100/ hour there-after.

*Free consultation for weddings can be arranged in the Bath/Chippenham area. I can meet you for a coffee somewhere and show you my portfolios, with no obligation to book!

Food photography - For your pub, hotel or restaurant-From £150  for one hour. Discount for more than 2 hours.
Portraits - £115 for one hour session at your home, office, or location of your choice.Quotes for 1/2 and full days available.

Events - Corporate, birthdays, Christenings, £150 first Hour . £95/ hour thereafter.
Editorial - £270 for half day. £350-£500 for full day - depending on the nature of the work.

*Discounts and negotiation available for regular work.
*Travel costs maybe added but will be kept to a minium.
*Accommodation cost will also be added if overnight stay is necessary, but again will be kept to a minimum.



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